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Monthly Archives: September 2023


Is More Than One Business or Company Liable for Your Injuries?

By Joseph R. Linnehan, Jr. |

If you have ever dealt with young children, you will often find that when they do something wrong, the first thing they do is point the finger, and try to blame someone else for what they did wrong. Well, businesses operate the same way. Multiple Possible Defendants The reality is, when we are injured… Read More »

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Will an Injury Attorney Agree to Take Your Case and Represent You?

By Joseph R. Linnehan, Jr. |

Imagine that you are in an accident, and one that was caused by someone else’s carelessness. You do the right thing, and seek out a personal injury attorney, to try to help you with your case. But to your surprise, the attorney opts not to represent you. This seems odd to you—why would an… Read More »

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Who Are You Suing: The Defendant or an Insurance Company?

By Joseph R. Linnehan, Jr. |

In many kinds of accidents, when you speak to your personal injury attorney about your accident, your attorney will often both reference the Defendant (the party that was negligent or which caused your accident), but the attorney may also mention insurance—for example, telling you that “the insurance company wants more information,” or “the insurance… Read More »

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The Role of Prescription Medicine in Car Accidents

By Joseph R. Linnehan, Jr. |

If you are the one that causes a car accident, can you sue? The answer is generally no, as you are the one at fault. But there is one situation where you may be able to sue and receive compensation for injuries that you may have suffered: When and if you were under the… Read More »

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