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Boston Electrocution Attorney

Electricity powers most things in our lives, but this power also has the potential to cause a person serious harm. Electrocution accidents happen far more often than most people realize, and victims often suffer catastrophic injuries as a result. In Boston, the dedicated and experienced Boston electrocution attorney at The Law Office of Joseph Linnehan, Jr. are here to help you and your loved ones after an electrocution accident. To learn more about filing a claim for compensation, talk to our office today.

What Causes Electrocution Accidents?

Electrocution accidents can happen anywhere, but most occur on construction sites or in a person’s home. On construction sites, electrocution is one of the top four causes of fatal accidents, and this type of accident can happen anywhere there is a live electrical current. Common causes of electrocution accidents include the following:

  • Connection with a power line on a ladder or scaffold,
  • Excavation contact with a power line underground,
  • A metallic tool, equipment, or material making contact with an electrical current,
  • Flashing of electrical arcs from power lines,
  • Machinery or occupational-related exposure,
  • Electrical equipment malfunctions,
  • Faulty wiring,
  • Defective products, and
  • Exposed electrical wiring

Electrocution Injuries

An electrical injury occurs when a person comes into contact with a live electrical current, and it can cause injuries that are both internal and external to the body. Even if there is minor external damage, any victim injured in an electrical accident needs to seek immediate medical attention for any possible internal damage.

Electrocution injuries have the potential to cause primary and secondary injuries to an accident victim. Primary injuries refer to the damage caused by the electrical current passing through a person’s body. These injuries include:

  • Cardiac arrest (heart attack),
  • Muscle and tissue damage,
  • Thermal burns, and
  • Nerve damage

Secondary injuries occur after the initial electrocution. One of the most common examples are fall injuries if the electrocution happens to someone on a ladder or scaffold. The secondary fall can cause traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, internal injuries, and more.

How a Lawyer Can Help

Recovery from an electrocution accident can take weeks, months, or longer for accident victims. The stress of mounting financial strain, managing a legal case, and physically recovering can be overwhelming for many accident victims. Hiring a skilled and qualified injury attorney can alleviate many of these stressors and significantly improve the chances of collecting full and fair compensation for an accident claim. Some of the services that an experienced injury can provide include:

  • Handling all communication with employers and insurance companies,
  • Protecting a client during statements with insurers,
  • Negotiating a full and fair settlement agreement for damages,
  • Ensuring full workers’ compensation benefits are paid timely,
  • Investigating liable parties,
  • Taking a claim to trial

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If you or a loved one has been hurt by electrocution in the Boston area, you do not have to go through this experience alone. The Law Office of Joseph Linnehan, Jr. is here to provide top tier legal representation for your case. Call or contact our office now to schedule a free consultation.

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