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Boston Premises Liability Attorney

In Massachusetts, property owners and occupiers have a duty to keep their premises safe for visitors and guests. If they fail to do so and an accident happens, they can be held liable for any injuries that result. At The Law Office of Joseph Linnehan, Jr., our dedicated Boston premises liability attorneys are prepared to advocate for your needs if you have been injured on someone else’s property. To learn more about your legal options after an accident, call or contact our office to schedule a free case consultation.

What is Premises Liability?

Premises liability is an umbrella term used to describe a variety of injury claims that are made when a customer, social guest, or trespasser is injured on another person’s property. Premises owners and occupiers have a duty of care to keep their property free of hazardous conditions that may harm others and warn of any potential dangers that could cause injury.

Based on the type of person visiting the premises, varying levels of care apply. Customers and clients that come to a property for the economic benefit of the property owner are owed the highest level of care, where owners are required to inspect the premises regularly, make repairs to hazardous conditions, and warn guests of dangers that they knew or should have known about on the property. Social guests are owed a slightly lesser duty of care, but property owners are still required to fix any known dangers and warn of hazardous conditions that are known on the premises. Trespassers are owed the least amount of care, but property owners are still barred from setting traps or doing anything else on the property that would intentionally cause a trespasser harm.

Common Causes of Premises Liability Claims

There are many reasons why premises liability claims occur, and all involve a property owner or occupier failing to fix hazardous conditions or warn guests of their existence. Some of the most common causes of premises liability claims in the Boston area include:

  • Automatic gate malfunctions,
  • Broken handrails or guardrails,
  • Building code violations,
  • Construction site accidents,
  • Cracked flooring or broken stairs,
  • Deck and porch collapse,
  • Elevator and escalator malfunctions,
  • Exposure to toxic fumes or chemicals,
  • Falling merchandise,
  • Faulty electrical wiring,
  • Inadequate security,
  • Poor lighting,
  • Snowy or icy conditions,
  • Swimming pool accidents, and more.

How a Lawyer Can Help

A knowledgeable attorney is critical when filing a premises liability claim for injury compensation. A lawyer can help prove fault and the duty of care owed to the accident victim. An attorney understands how much an injury claim is worth and will ensure that victims are fully compensated for their claims. If an insurer or property owner refuses to settle for the full and fair damages, an experienced attorney can take the case to trial. To learn more about how a lawyer can help, talk to our office today.

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If you or a loved one has been injured on someone else’s premises in the Boston area, the experienced premises liability lawyers at The Law Office of Joseph Linnehan, Jr. is here to help. Call the office or contact us online to schedule a free case evaluation today.

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