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Monthly Archives: December 2023


HAIs: When Being in the Hospital Makes You Sicker

By Joseph R. Linnehan, Jr. |

When you go into the hospital, you expect that you will recover, and get better. At the very least, you may understand that the hospital may not be able to help or improve your condition much. What you would not expect, but unfortunately, what does sometimes happen, is that you come out of the… Read More »

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Don’t Believe Won-Loss Records When it Comes to Choosing a Lawyer

By Joseph R. Linnehan, Jr. |

“We Win Cases!” “We’re Undefeated!” Have you ever heard attorneys that advertise words or phrases like these? Or use other language to suggest how many cases they win or how frequently they win? It sounds tempting to go to firms that tout this kind of record. But the truth is that moist attorneys that… Read More »

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How Do Rotator Cuff Injuries Happen?

By Joseph R. Linnehan, Jr. |

Let’s say you are in a car accident. At first, you seem fine. You don’t specifically recall hitting any part of the inside of your car. But after a few hours—maybe even a day—you feel a dull ache in your shoulder. It gets worse. In a short time, you are finding that you can’t… Read More »

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