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Monthly Archives: March 2024


What is “Duty” In a Negligence Case?

By Joseph R. Linnehan, Jr. |

When people look at and analyze a negligence case, they often ask, “what did the Defendant do wrong?” That’s a valid question, but legally, the analysis of whether someone is liable for an accident is more complex than that. To prove negligence, the victim needs to show four, basic elements: duty, breach, causation and… Read More »

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How Does an Insurance Company or Defendant Value Your Case?

By Joseph R. Linnehan, Jr. |

One of the most common things that a personal injury attorney is asked is what a victim’s injury is “worth.” That is an understandable question—but one that is very difficult to answer. Answering the question with “it depends,” sounds kind of like a cop out—but in a way, that is the exact answer. The… Read More »

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Police Accident Reports Can Help, But Can’t be Used in Your Trial

By Joseph R. Linnehan, Jr. |

Let’s say that you are in an accident, and there is a dispute over who is liable for the accident. The other driver is saying you’re liable—but lucky for you, the police report made at the scene of the accident by the responding police officer clearly says that the other driver is the one… Read More »

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You May Not Even Know if You’ve Suffered a Concussion

By Joseph R. Linnehan, Jr. |

You probably are well aware of the dangers of a head injury. The media has given it a lot of attention, especially when it comes to concussions. Many high schools have even taken steps to make their high school athletes more aware of the risks of concussions, and of treating them quickly and properly…. Read More »

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