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What Questions Will You be Asked at Your Deposition?


Let’s say that your attorney tells you that the other side wants to take your deposition. You know what a deposition is, and even, possibly, how to prepare for it. But you may want to know exactly what kind of questions you can expect to be asked, at your deposition?

First, be aware that every case is different and every lawyer who takes depositions does it a little bit differently. There is no one uniform list of questions that are asked in every single personal injury deposition.

The Accident and How it Happened

You may already know that you will be asked about the accident itself. But that’s not just about the accident—it’s about every single little detail about the accident. You can expect to be asked what happened at every point in the accident.

You may also be asked specifics about distances, or times, or speeds. Questions like:

  • How big was the object you fell over?
  • How fast was your car going at the time of the accident?
  • How far were you from the other car when you first saw it?
  • Where exactly were you standing when you fell, or when you were hit?

These can be minute details that people may not remember in even the best of situations—it’s that much harder when you were the one involved in the accident.

Your Past Medical History

You can expect to be asked a range of questions about your past medical history, going back many years. They will again ask you details about what treatments you received, what doctors you visited, or how much pain you were in.

The goal for the Defendant is to make it sound like your injuries were not caused by the accident, but rather, that your injuries preexisted the accident.

Questions About Your Injuries

Of course, you will be asked about your injuries, but there may be questions about them that are different than you think.

The Defendant will often ask what you cannot do anymore, because of your injuries or limitations from your injuries. They will also ask what you can’t do as often, or as well, because of your injuries.

They will also ask about your medical records; you don’t need to know every detail about your medical treatment, or what the doctors told you, but you should have a general idea of what your injuries are and your treatments.

Employment, Present and Past

You will be asked about your work and salary history. This may just be a cursory rundown, if lost wages aren’t a big part of your claim, but it could be a longer, more detailed process, if you do have a lost wage claim. Your past work, future employment or salary prospects, and your education level, are all things that you could be asked about.

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