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Can A Biometrics Expert Help Your Case?


If you are in an accident, you may need experts to help you prove your case or testify about your case. Many people aren’t aware of what a biomechanical expert actually does. While this may not be a field you readily associate with personal injury law, biometric experts can be very helpful in your case.

What Does the Biometric Expert Do?

Biometric experts look at and analyze the way the body moves, or the way that the body is affected when the body is confronted with given forces placed upon it.

For example, let’s say that your car was rear-ended by another driver. What happens to the human body when it is stationary inside a vehicle, and then a force of, say, 30 miles per hour is suddenly rammed into the back of the car? What does the body do in that kind of impact, and what parts of the body are affected?

Yes, a doctor can sometimes provide this testimony, but many courts say that this is outside the field of medicine; that is, a doctor can explain your injuries but the doctor is not legally qualified to say what kind of impact will cause certain kinds of injuries.

For example, many doctors can say that you have a broken wrist, but they may not be able to say if a fall from 6 feet, going backwards, while your body is in a particular position creates enough force to fracture a wrist. A biometric expert may be able to do just that.

Do You Need a Biometric Expert?

Of course, a doctor may also be qualified to give just this kind of testimony. It all depends on the judge, who is the gatekeeper as to what your doctors can and cannot legally testify to. A biometric expert is not needed in every case, but if there is a question of whether a given force could cause a particular injury, you may be leaving the field of medicine, and entering the field of biometrics.

A biometric expert needs to make his or her opinion based on factors from your accident. What position was your body in, when the accident happened? How was your weight distributed, when you fell? Did you fall forward or backwards? What is your weight and height? All of these are questions that will affect the biometric expert’s opinions.

A biometric expert can be powerful testimony. He or she can show the body that the human body does X, Y or Z, when confronted by a given impact. This can actually take the jury, step by step, through what your body encountered in your accident, and can lead credibility to the testimony your doctors provide about your injuries.

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