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Simple Things You Can Do To Help Your Own Case


When you go see a personal injury attorney, it is to get help with compensation for your injuries, and to get justice. Your attorney is the legal professional, so it may not seem like there’s much you can do to help your own case. But in fact, there are things that you can do, to help your personal injury attorney have the best chance possible at getting a good outcome in your case.

Get medical attention 

Of course, this is as much to help you get better, than it is about anything legal. Nonetheless, getting medical attention, and following doctors orders, are things that have a dual benefit, both to you and to your case.

Your medical records are what your attorney will use to document your injuries to the other side, and they will help your attorney understand the medical problems that you are having as a result of the accident.

Take pictures or videos

If you can, take videos or photos of the accident, and the accident scene. Even if you can’t take pictures or you weren’t able to do so (it’s not always the first thing on a victim’s mind at the scene of the accident), take pictures of your recovery.

If you had a procedure and you are immobile, or in a cast, or swollen, take pictures. If you have been prescribed a medical device, take pictures of that as well. If the condition that you were injured on still exists, and you are able to do so, take pictures of where you were injured, and get them to your attorney (although many attorneys will send out their own investigators to look at an accident scene).

Keep all evidence

Many times, accident victims throw out or ruin evidence without even knowing that they are doing so. For example, if you fall, the shoes you were wearing at the time of the fall may be considered evidence. Your clothes, that may have blood stains, or dirt from the ground, may be evidence.

Don’t throw anything away related to the accident without speaking to your lawyer—that includes digital media as well, such as videos, emails, or text messages.

Honesty counts 

Some victims will try to hide information from their lawyer, or will embellish facts about the accident, so it looks like they have a “better” case. But your lawyer can’t help you unless you are honest with him or her. And most of the time, whatever you are worried will be a negative, is probably something your attorney has dealt with before, in prior cases.

Touch base

Call your attorney every now and then and let him or her know how you are doing, or provide your attorney with updates on your progress, recovery, and medical treatment. Your attorney will be glad to hear from you.

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