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So-Called Vampire Facials Could Spread HIV, the CDC Warns


You probably know that the things that you do at spas and health clubs and other businesses that provide beauty services, can and do cause people injury. Things like unsanitized instruments, or poor training of workers, can lead to wounds and lacerations and other types of injuries, many of which, combined with the contamination of the devices being used, can result in the loss of limbs.

But there’s another, relatively unknown medical/beauty procedure, which, according to a recent news report, and according to warnings by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), can also lead to serious injury: The vampire facial.

What is a Vampire Facial?

Yes, there is such a thing as the vampire facial. It’s named that because of its use of the patient’s own blood. A patient’s blood is taken, plasma is separated, and then re-injected into the skin of the patient, using a series of micro needles. The injections are usually at or around the face, in order to eliminate scarring, wrinkles, or age related skin damage.

HIV Transmission

But recently, a number of people in the State of New Mexico, had inexplicably been diagnosed with HIV, the virus that can, if not treated, develop into the deadly AIDS virus. Oddly, none of these patients had engaged in any kind of activity known to spread the virus.

What they did all do, was get a vampire facial at one health clinic in New Mexico (actually, all but one did; the one who did not, was an intimate partner of someone who had undergone the procedure).

Then, the dots started to be connected: not only did they all get treatment at the one exact clinic or spa, but that spa was actually unlicensed. And, the spa had been cited for conducting unlicensed procedures in the past. Eventually, it was learned that these patients contracted HIV from the clinic during the vampire facial. The owner of the spa was eventually arrested.

The victims are now suing the spa and its owner, which has since closed its doors.

Government Issues a Warning

The CDC is now warning patients of the possible dangers  of the vampire facial, although it does say that in general the procedure is safe, and there are few, if any accounts, of people at other clinics or spas, having contracted HIV.

Watch for Unlicensed Activity

Still, the lesson here is important.

Patients should understand that often a clinic will perform procedures that must be done under the guidance of a licensed medical professional. Aestheticians or cosmetologists or other professionals in the beauty industry, even if licensed in their respective industries, are not legally allowed to conduct certain kinds of procedures, even if those procedures are labeled as “beauty” or “cosmetic,” and not medical.

In general any process or procedure involving blood, or drawing of, or injection of blood, requires medical professionals.

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